Together we're powering improvement for a better tomorrow.

Together we're powering improvement for a better tomorrow.

We're supplying the renewable energy market with the talent needed to ensure an energy-efficient 2030. At Kelly, we're passionate about connecting people that make a difference.

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Experts hiring experts. Keeping the energy industry powering ahead.

Experts hiring experts. Keeping the energy industry powering ahead.

As the world works to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and instead focus on sustainable, clean energy solutions we’re here to help you recruit for a better world.

From engineers at offshore wind farms to sustainability teams and environmental analysts at head office, we have the talent you need to keep your business at full power.


1 million people connected with work every year.
<21 days is all it takes for us to fill your roles on average
1:1 attention to design your next generation talent solution
12 years placing renewable energy talent
140+ countries in our supply chain

Recruitment is changing.We build solutions around you.

Recruitment is changing.
We build solutions around you.

We work with clients that will harness the sun’s rays, capture the wind and use the power of the seas to produce renewable energy for generations to come.

We add the talent you need as and when you need it. We offer temporary, permanent, payroll or a fully outsourced range of recruitment services.

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Industry Insights

Industry Insights
Renewables in Ireland

Ireland has one of the best wind energy resources in Europe and has installed wind turbines of 1,000MW in capacity with a further 3,700MW of applications due to connect to the grid.

Clusters focused on the development of advanced skills in materials and device development, semi-conductor manufacture, IC design and processor technologies are driving development in Ireland. With the highest wave energy resource in Europe, Ireland has an estimated generation capacity of 60GW (a fifth of Europe’s total resource).

Stay connected to the talent you need to ensure that your business reaches its maximum potential with Kelly.

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Don't just take our word for it.Here's what one of our partners say.

Don't just take our word for it.
Here's what one of our partners say.

“The high level of quality and reliable services provided by Kelly Services gives us peace of mind when we know HSE and employee wellbeing is the priority – the rest is a bonus for us”

Supplier Account Manager, Large Wind Turbine Manufacturer.

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Editor's Pick; 'Making Money Moves with Eco-Conscious Business'

Habits form the version of ourselves that define who we are, going unnoticed until someone points them out, to which we react with hyper-consciousness in the days following (I type trying not to stick my tongue out of my mouth in concentration). For me, common habits include reaching for a reusable bag as I walk out the front door, or rinsing a yoghurt pot before chucking it in the recycling bin. It seems that in a world facing rising sea temperatures and melting icecaps, habits have naturally become environmentally focused...

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