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Temp Direct Sourcing Case Study

A multi-national hospitality chain needed a true end-to-end recruitment and workforce management solution to support their expansion plans. They called on us to help them develop a talent attraction and resourcing infrastructure.

We spoke with their management team to define the recruitment need. Once we had identified what they needed we then developed a robust attraction strategy and put in place the human and technological resources to turn that strategy into results.

Collaborating closely with this clients HR and internal talent teams, we implemented a coherent and well-coordinated strategy to recruit everything from recruiters and HR administrators to customer support and business development managers. This included using mass marketing to drive qualified candidates to the client's own online recruitment portal.

Applicants were then automatically migrated to the online Vendor Management System which facilitates the procurement, onboarding and management of temporary and permanent staff as well as contract and contingent staff.

Recognising that this challenge required a different type of solution, we created a completely new way to approach this proposal, with a technology-driven solution that could provide exceptional value on a plug-and-play basis. With this solution, we were able to manage their temporary staff across the UK and EMEA, reduce their absence and attrition rates and give them increased visibility and control of their temporary workforce.


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