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You’re unique and you’re different, it’s what makes you, you! At Kelly we understand that not everybody wants the same thing out of their work. Whether you’re just starting your career or have many years of experience behind you, we are committed to helping you find a role that’s just right for you. You can find useful Career Management advice on this page and when you decide to contact us directly, we’ll work together with your passion and expertise to guide you to your next challenge. Whether this may be in the flexible and temporary workforce or as a permanent employee, Kelly is here to help every step of the way.  


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How to Build Your Personal Brand
Building your personal brand may sound like the last thing you need to do if you’re happy and challenged in your current job. Whether you work for yourself, for a large organisation, or a very small one, it’s just smart career management to demonstrate why you’re an expert in your respective domain – and to do this in ways that colleagues and associates can witness every day.
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A Guide to Job Hunting

The demand for temporary and contract workers continues to rise as flexible working becomes a way of life in many companies. Temporary staff are becoming an integral part of many organisations across the UK. Here is some helpful information on managing a temporary career with Kelly. 

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How to Write a CV  

Although there is a growing emphasis on demonstrating your skills to potential employers in other ways, such as through online portfolios and social networking tools, the CV still has a key role to play in getting you the job you want. There are, however, some differences on how you should present your CV in each market. Read this guide for top advice on writing a first class CV!

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Successful Interview Tips

A job interview can be nerve wracking and the toughest part of getting any job. Sparkling at interviews and making a good impression is something that everyone can do - it just takes careful planning and preparation. We bring you some top tips for a successful interview.

 Compelling CV A Guide to Temporary Jobs