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Leading IT Services Provider


The global Fujitsu Group® delivers IT-based business solutions to customers in 100 countries through a workforce of more than 169,000 employees. Since 2008 Kelly Services has supported Fujitsu, a leading provider of information technology systems, services, and products, with a comprehensive Managed Services Programme throughout the UK.


The Background

Fujitsu UK and Ireland builds and operates IT systems and services for large-scale clients in both the public and private sectors, employing 10,000 people with an annual revenue of £1.6 billion. Their services include consulting, applications, systems integration, managed services and product solutions for customers in the retail, financial services, telecoms, government and defence sectors. Due to the nature of this wide-ranging service and product provision, Fujitsu required a recruitment partner who was able to source and administer temporary workers to costeffectively support its customer-base right across the UK. 

The Challenge 

Fujitsu’s UK regional structure enables its own customers to deploy best-practice methodology and knowledge, while local operations ensure that IT solutions are delivered in line with local customer requirements. With temporary employees based at 21 sites, and a requirement to provide on-site support at six of these key locations, Fujitsu needed to source a like-minded staffing partner to effectively support this business approach, and one that shared a similar scope and allegiance to service excellence.  

They required a supplier who could source a scalable, right-skilled temporary workforce to match the strict timescales set by their customers. Once in place the workforce needed to be expertly managed to minimise any associated levels of attrition, absence, or underperformance. Thirdly, the chosen supplier would need to have tried and tested processes in place to ensure all workers were paid correctly, on time and with related invoicing executed with 100% accuracy. 

The Solution 

Fujitsu selected Kelly in 2008 as its UK Master Vendor across various skill sets to realise cost savings through flexible, efficient temporary workforce solutions. Since then the service offering has evolved into a full Managed Service Programme, supplying temporary employees through specialised recruitment and on-site staffing services at six key locations, supported by local temporary staffing provision for all other Fujitsu locations throughout UK and Ireland. 

By investing in this infrastructure, Kelly ensured that the 350-750 scalable temporary workforce could be successfully sourced and recruited, often including lengthy background checks with less than one week lead times. Kelly’s Shared Service Centre, based at Telford, provides centralised administration giving the on-site teams more time to develop internal relationships and enhanced visibility within Fujitsu. 

The Managed Service Programme consolidates the number of staffing suppliers, reducing invoices and addressing process improvements, whilst delivering a flexible workforce that is supplied at a pre-determined margin and managed consistently with compliance. 


The Managed Service Programme allows Fujitsu to outsource all staffing supplier relationships through Kelly, taking responsibility for relationship transfer and key order process communications, together with fulfilment. As a result, savings are maximised, direct and indirect costs contained, key workflows improved through automation, and Fujitsu’s management gain better visibility through the development of in-programme bespoke MI. 

Kelly has exceeded service delivery agreements, achieving almost 100% on-time fill rates over a range of skill sets, helping to fuel competitive advantage for Fujitsu throughout the UK. Sharing best practice has been introduced by way of a number of forums including a weekly programme managers exchange, monthly managed services leadership meetings, cross-programme sharing and a quarterly managed services trading exchange. 

Latest results show an average customer feedback score of 8.1 out of 10, with a workforce survey rating of 95%. Furthermore, Kelly has fulfilled all contractual requirements since the contract began, meeting 100% of all related service level agreements (SLAs) and achieving Gold Supplier status in the second year of the contract. In 2011, after meeting or exceeding all 15 Key Performance Indicators month-on-month over four years, Kelly was reawarded the contract for a further three years. 


Industry: IT Services supplying to Retail, Financial Services, Telecoms, Government, Defence
Scale: 350-750 temporary workers based on project and/or seasonal requirements
Timescale: On-going
Skills: 70% white collar, 30% blue collar across IT Helpdesk, Field Engineers, Data Entry, Warehouse/Light Industrial, Finance, HR, Procurement
Service: Full Managed Service Programme
Basis: On-going since 2008.


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