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3M is renowned throughout the world for developing a wide range of innovative and market-leading products. Since 1998, the security documentation side of their UK business has trusted Kelly Services to recruit their temporary workforce, extending the contract to cover Health and Safety training.



The Background 

Whilst the 3M brand is recognised around the world thanks to several market-leading consumer brands including Post-it notes and Scotch Tape, the majority of this global business is focussed on developing innovative and specialist products and services. One such service is the provision of security documentation including visas, passports, NHS prescriptions and tax discs. 

The 3M secure site where these items are produced has been through a number of changes and business models over the time Kelly has worked with them. Due to Kelly’s proven flexibility and ability to adapt to a range of changing business processes implemented by 3M, they were retained as their chosen staffing supplier for their secure site. 

Kelly has provided staff with the highest level of security clearance for this UK based facility for over 15 years, including the recruitment and on-site management of administration, financial and industrial skilled staff. 


The Challenge 

Due to the nature of the work carried out at this site, Kelly maintains an available pool of potential employees who have achieved full security clearance and are ready to commence work. 

This 3M secure facility is primarily a manufacturing and industrial site requiring all employees and others acting on behalf of 3M to be properly trained in all aspects of Health and Safety, with a key aspect being manual handling. This training is a legal requirement to ensure the risk of incidents, accidents and lost time accidents are kept to an absolute minimum across the site. 

Throughout the business relationship with 3M, Kelly has been tasked with ensuring that methods are implemented to ensure best practice is developed and maintained for new and existing workers at the site. 


The Solution 

To encourage the sharing of best practice Kelly developed and implemented a mentoring and training programme for all new starters, as well as some existing workers, within the passport department. This has contributed to reduced attrition and improved employee engagement. 

Kelly’s Programme Manager, who has worked with 3M from implementation of the on-site service in 2011, has an exceptional and in-depth knowledge of the requirements of this particular facility. This insight enabled the development of specific training to ensure Health and Safety compliance covering: 

  •  Legislation 
  •  Manual handling risk factors 
  •  Anatomy of the back 
  •  Risk controls and good handling techniques 
  •  Practical sessions to check trainees have understood the theory 
  •  Assessment to ensure trainees are working in the most safe and correct manner. 

A quarterly review process was also put in place to ensure that the implementation and ongoing development of this training was measured. Furthermore, all Kelly workers now attend an annual refresher course as part of a continuous focus on minimising risk to the customer and individuals. 



The mentoring and training programme has been in place for over ten years and is run over five shifts 24/7. A testament to its success is that the programme is still used today in the inspection area of the business with a 100% success rate. 

Since implementation in 2011, Kelly’s on-site team has successfully delivered the full manual handling training to over 75 workers. The quarterly reviews have shown a significant and positive result in the following areas: 

  •  Absenteeism 
  •  Lost Time Accidents (LTAs) 
  •  Incidents 
  •  Increased awareness by workers of their surroundings and the importance of Health and Safety to individuals and their co-workers 



Industry:     Manufacturing/Industrial

Services:    Managed service programme with on-site team, contingent worker outsourcing, talent pool management, high level security clearance

Scale:         75 workers trained in Health and Safety and manual handling. 
                   All workers in inspection take part in mentoring and training programme

Basis:         On-going since 1998.

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