Corporate Social Responsibility Programme

Case Study: Corporate Social Responsibility Programme Developed for Leading IT Services Provider 

Delivering quality improvements and introducing innovative services that meet or exceed customer expectations is at the heart of Kelly Services’ ethos. As an inclusive provider of talent and taking their lead from one of their customers, Fujitsu, a leading provider of information technology systems, services, and products, Kelly has developed a CSR programme for the North West/Lancashire region. 


The Background  

Kelly provides a full Managed Service Programme to Fujitsu across 21 sites throughout the UK and Ireland with on-site support at 6 of these sites, where they operate as a totally integrated part of the business. On the back of this integral and long-standing working relationship, Kelly became familiar with Fujitsu’s comprehensive national and international CSR programme.  

As an organisation that touches millions of lives through-out the UK and Ireland every day, Fujitsu believes they have a significant responsibility to help address social issues affecting the communities in which they operate, so they have a Social Action Strategy in place as one element of their very comprehensive CSR programme. Fujitsu views this engagement with community stake-holders as a key driver in securing long-term sustainability for their organisation. This engagement has grown strongly in recent times and they want to continue and improve this through effective charitable and community relationships and employee-led activities.  


The Challenge 

The development of activities with a regional community was the area that Kelly chose to focus on for their own CSR Programme. The challenge was to develop credible relationships with regional organisations providing recruitment, people management and careers advice to the Greater Manchester community via a variety of charities and other community focused organisations, as well as local schools.  

The Kelly team had to identify organisations requiring assistance in delivering recruitment, people management and careers information to their end users. In the case of job seekers, some of whom have undergone major life challenges, the desire was to offer inspirational friendly advice preparing them for interview and enabling them to join the workforce once again. A third avenue identified for the CSR programme centred on offering careers advice and promoting job opportunities to school leavers.  


The Solution 

To date Kelly has developed a wide range of relationships within the North West/Lancashire including working with the following organisations:  

  • Salford Foundation (Cascade) supports vulnerable women in Salford and other boroughs of Greater Manchester. Kelly has worked with them to run workshops covering CV writing, interview techniques, application forms, competency-based interview questions and role plays.  
  • Manchester Cathedral: Having gained a good understanding of the clients on their programme, Kelly has found work for some of these individuals within Fujitsu and provides additional support by holding mock interview sessions.  
  • The Poppy Factory focuses on boosting recruitment and employment prospects for ex-Service personnel of all ages and from a variety of armed forces backgrounds into jobs around the UK. Kelly partners with a local arm of this nationwide organisation in order to try to place interested parties in suitable roles.  
  • Cheetham Hill Job Club: At the request of Fujitsu, Kelly visits this job club every other week to assist people in writing their CVs, providing advice to many different types of job seeker on making the most of their skills and experience.  
  • The Walton Lea Partnership is a charity providing supported employment for adults with learning disabilities, mental health problems, mobility issues and early onset Alzheimers. One of Kelly’s team is mentoring a member of the Walton Lea staff to develop their people management skills.  
  • Local Education Authorities: Kelly visits schools and colleges to provide the students with information on CV writing, preparing for interviews, competency based questions as well as Conducting mock interviews.  
  • Dress for Success is a Manchester charity dedicated to working with women to provide them with a network of support and career development tools. Kelly shares their expert interview tips and is helping the charity produce a new interview preparation pack.  
  • Shelter, the national housing and homeless charity, currently Fujitsu’s number one charity, has been supported by Kelly, who gave their time to help out with fundraising activities.  



Having developed a network of strong regional and local relationships, Kelly has already witnessed much evidence of how their CSR programme is providing support to both individuals and organisations within the community. They have seen people’s confidence and self- esteem develop, helping them get back into work or to progress their careers.  

Future plans include strengthening existing partnerships, as well as developing a new series of workshops across local schools to support employment engagement with Warrington Council.



Scale: Focused on North West /Lancashire  

Timescale: On-going  

Scope: Recruitment, people management, employment and careers advice, fundraising activities  

Service: Regional CSR Programme  



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