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Payroll Services  

Kelly Services’ vision is to provide the world’s best workforce solutions. As part of our comprehensive portfolio we offer outsourced Payroll Services across the UK and Ireland allowing you to:

  • retain your proven talent
  • mitigate the associated risks of both PAYE and independent contractors
  • eliminate the administrative burden

Our Payroll Services offer a scalable solution to keep pace with your growth. Designed according to your needs they cover:

  • weekly and monthly options
  • PAYE and independent contractors, including IR35 exempt workers
  • part and full-time employees including seasonal staff, interns and graduates
  • company-wide rollouts through to one-off transfers and referrals

Kelly Payroll Services' Features


Your Benefits

  • On-line timesheet creation, completion and approval process, verified by your line managers
  • Adoption of legal obligations for PAYE workers’ wages, payroll deductions such as taxes and pensions auto-enrolment, expenses and relevant HRMC submissions including Real Time Information (RTI) and  P11Ds
  • Dedicated centralised payroll team and assigned Service Consultant who manages all payroll related queries
  • Consolidated invoicing and standardised MI reporting
  • Consistency of engagement conditions and payroll charges
  • Audit and compliance management of existing and expiring insurances and other required documentation
  • Pay-rate benchmarking
  • Implementation programme and transition management, including stakeholder communications
  • Variable costs – pay only for services you use
  • Proven global capabilities
  • Enhanced benefits for payrolled workers such as first-time contractor and Limited Company advice, onboarding, ongoing professional development, and career support including assistance with redeployment at assignment completion
  •  Talent retention
  •  Allows you to focus on your core business objectives
  •  Minimises risks of perceived co-employment
  •  Reduces administrative burden and internal resource
  •  Enhanced efficiencies and governance
  •  Flexible solution allowing you to ramp up and down quickly
  •  Improved employer brand proposition and contractor engagement
  •  Cost savings through leveraged economies of scale
  •  Increased visibility through common reporting and data analytics

As every client and scenario is unique, we work through each step of the strategy development in partnership, undertaking a discovery process and due diligence to define a robust solution. Our implementation team defines business processes, reporting requirements and measures of success. A full transition plan including a stakeholder communications programme ensures a smooth go-live enabling us to move into operational business-as-usual mode. Our team is committed to delivering continuous process improvements, underpinned by annual business reviews.

 Payroll Services

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