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Managing Diversity Policy

Purpose of Policy

In order to promote an environment within which the Company can call upon the widest range of knowledge, skills and experience, as well as ensuring compliance with the relevant legislation and codes of practice, we are committed to treating all applicants and employees in the same way regardless of race or colour, nationality or national or ethnic origin, religion or religious belief, sex or marital status, sexual orientation, disability or age.

Persons Affected

All Kelly Services employees, assignment employees and temporary workers.

Legal Requirements

There are numerous pieces of legislation supporting the Kelly Services Managing Diversity Policy.  These include:

  • Disability Discrimination Act
  • Equal Pay Act
  • Rehabilitation of Offenders
  • Sex Discrimination Act
  • Human Rights Act
  • Employment Act
  • Race Relations Act
  • Employment Equality Regulations
  • Sex Discrimination Burden of Proof Regulations

Company Policy

This policy applies to the advertisement of jobs, recruitment and appointment to them, training, conditions of work, pay and to every other aspect of employment. The policy also applies to the treatment of our customers.

Kelly Services has an open recruitment policy and uses a wide spectrum of different attraction methods e.g. press advertising campaigns, Internet and local bespoke campaigns.  Kelly Services will fully utilise Jobcentre Plus and, wherever possible, recruit from the local community.

We shall regularly review the operation of our recruitment, promotion, training and development policies to ensure that no applicant or employee is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be justifiable.


All employees and job applicants will be asked to complete a form denoting their sex, race, ethnic origin and any disabilities. The company guarantees that this form will only be used for the purpose of monitoring the effectiveness of its equal opportunities policy. Kelly Services monitors employees by grade and section (business unit) and this information will be used only for statistical purposes.

Kelly Services is committed to being an equal opportunities employer. Our employment policy aims to ensure that staff are employed on the basis of ability and the requirements of the job and that no job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment because of race, religion or religious belief, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, disability or any other grounds which are unjustifiable in terms of equality.


If at any time, employees feel they have been treated less favourably than others in relation to equal opportunities, they may use the Harassment procedure for presenting a complaint about the discriminatory conduct.

Reasonable Adjustments

Employees who are disabled, or become disabled in the course of their employment, should inform and may also wish to advise the company, of any “reasonable adjustments” to their employment or working conditions which they consider would assist them in the performance of their duties. Careful consideration will be given to any proposals of this nature and where reasonable, or reasonably practicable, such adjustments will be made. There may however be circumstances where it will not be reasonable, or reasonably practicable, for the company to accommodate those proposals and where less favourable treatment may be justified in accordance with the statutory provisions.


The Senior HR Business Partner for Kelly Services Ireland is responsible for ensuring that the company adheres to Managing Diversity across the business. All recruitment, promotion, disciplinary and dismissal matters are channelled through the HR Manager. This ensures parity and consistency in dealing with individuals and that as an organisation we adhere to effective equal opportunities practices.

Business Centre Responsibility

Within each Kelly Services business centre (or branch) the Branch Manager is responsible for ensuring that the Employment Policies and Procedures for Temporary Workers are understood and adhered to by all members of the team.

Kelly Services will educate all managers via trainer input, group and individual exercises, working with the Kelly Services Essential Law course.

The managers are responsible for training their members of the team. A record of all training completed is held on the employee's training record card.


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