Global Talent Market Quarterly - 2013 Q1

Global Talent Market Quarterly - 2013 Q1

The Global Talent Market Quarterly provides a summary of the current economic and labour market conditions around the world and gives insight into how they might impact you. This report contains a global economic briefing and outlook, a global labour market update and a workforce solutions industry update.

The global economy slowed in 2012, as ongoing fiscal tensions in Europe and the U.S. and softening in key Asian markets kept business and consumer activity muted. Confidence is starting to return in many parts of the world, and global economic activity is expected to accelerate gradually throughout 2013. The less-uncertain global economic climate is expected to spur continued solid job creation in the Americas, with a slightly more subdued pace forecast in APAC. Job prospects in the Eurozone remain very weak as employers continue to trim payrolls as a result of diminished demand.

Despite persistently high unemployment rates in many parts of the globe, nearly 9 in 10 companies report an inability to find the qualified talent that they need to grow their business. As the war for skilled talent continues to ramp up, employers are seeking innovative ways to acquire and develop workforces that will deliver superior business results. Companies need to better understand their internal needs, workforce competencies, and the external business environment, as they work towards a fundamental goal of building and managing a robust, reliable pipeline of qualified workers.

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Talent Market Q1 2013