Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience

The Candidate Experience Awards (CandEs) are the brainchild of the Talent Board, a not for profit group of recruitment industry experts who wanted to ensure candidate experience was a priority on the talent acquisition agenda. Kelly Services is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the CandEs.

The CandE Awards are designed to highlight the innovative practises, technologies and standards that some of the most forward-thinking employers are implementing to enhance all aspects of their talent acquisition process. The winners are raising the bar to let candidates know their investment, time and interest in the company are valued, and the CandE Awards offers industry recognition to those employers.

The CandE Awards, while an awards programme, are also designed to provide confidential and specific feedback to help every participating organisation improve its candidate experience efforts. All companies that participate have the opportunity to 1) benchmark their candidate experience against peers’ provided experiences, and 2) participate in the CandE Awards survey of their employment candidates.

This report, “Candidate Experience 2012, United Kingdom” is based on the data collected during the employer application and candidate survey rounds of the 2012 U.K. Candidate Experience Awards.

The Candidate Experience research not only assessed the employers’ practises during screening and how they impact experience, but delved deep into the candidate’s role in the process. A candidate that has a positive relationship with the employer prior to applying is more likely to be hired. A candidate that is referred to the company is more likely to be hired. Candidates are willing to share their experiences, and impact others’ relationships with the company whether those experiences are positive or negative. Armed with this insight, employers can work to foster open lines of communication with candidates from start to finish – before they even apply and after they’ve been considered, regardless of the outcome.

Some key findings from this year’s awards and benchmarking programme follow:

  • 49.3% of the candidates claim some positive relationship with the company prior to applying. This includes just over one fifth citing they were existing customers and 11.5% having friends and family working at the company.
  • Referred candidates are four times more likely than non-referred candidates to receive an offer.
  • While more employers are providing notification to candidates and are willing to provide feedback to dispositioned candidates when asked, few have made it a standard practice to do so. As per candidate responses, the majority received standard non-specific feedback, and more than one-third received no feedback at all.
  • 47.1% said they asked candidates – whether or not they were qualified – for feedback if they were not advanced to final evaluation phase. 76.3% of candidates said they were not asked to provide any feedback once they were notified they were no longer being considered.
  • Candidates responded (66.7%) “no” when asked if employers were interested in learning about their experience in applying for a job despite the fact they withdrew from the position.
  • The majority of candidates are ‘likely’ or ‘very likely’ to tell their ‘Inner Circle of Friends’ about their experiences whether it is positive or negative.
  • Fewer than half (45.9%) of candidates surveyed were ‘likely’ or ‘highly likely’ to refer others to the employers they were surveyed about. More than half (53.8%) were neutral and 10.3% would not.

Please consider this report as an open source document. It’s written for everyone in the industry who cares about the candidate experience. It’s intended to engage talent acquisition leaders, recruiters, vendors, consultants, analysts and candidates in a two-way dialogue about the standards, technologies and expectations that affect us all at some point in our careers.

Everyone who cares about the candidate experience should feel free to participate by reading it, using the data to inform decisions about their recruitment process, and share it with others.

Our hope is that this report sparks and elevates the candidate experience conversation, and inspires you, whatever your role in the talent acquisition process, to create the strategies that will continue to advance it in the future.

For more information on benchmarking your company in the 2013 Candidate Experience Awards, please visit the UK CandEs website.

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