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Covid 19 - Advice

​COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Kelly And YouCountries around the world are reporting outbreaks of COVID...

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Time For A New Job?

​We all get caught up in the busy schedules of our everyday lives, and we often don’t realise whe...

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Galway Blog

What’s next. Is Galway the city for you?

​With over twenty years in the Irish market, Kelly has seen the business landscape change as the ...

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Workplace Politics

Dealing With Workplace Politics

​Love it or hate it, office politics exist in every company. Whether a new employee or a somebody...

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Working Part Time

Why Working Part-Time Is Becoming The New Norm

​Every year more people switch to part-time work. So much so that it’s becoming one of the fastes...

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Switch Off From Work

How To Switch Off From Work

​The average person works 40 hours a week. Sadly, in today’s world of work overload and non-stop ...

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Happy Career Final

Find Your Career Happy

​Work is where we spend a considerable part of our life. According to data, an average person spe...

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