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Under the Florida sun: how this weekend’s F1 is shaping up.

The F1 cavalcade continues its whirlwind global tour this weekend as it breezes into Miami for the first time. The sporting carnival will take centre stage and the Dolphins, Heat, and Marlins will take a back seat as Formula 1 is breaking new ground and enjoying a moment in the US sports sun.

On the billboard was supposed to be the newly crowned Dutch World Champion, Max Verstappen, Vs the 7-time champion of the World, Lewis Hamilton. Mercedes, however, did not read the script and are looking more Miami Thrice than Miami Vice as they battle for the ‘best-of-the-rest’ credentials behind Red Bull and Ferrari. 

Mercedes seems to have built a car that looks more at home off the white sandy beaches or playing inside the Hard Rock Stadium as it cruises along both straights and turns. Andrew Shovlin has been the sacrificial lamb sent out to bring hope and light a torch for dissatisfied Team Lewis fans worldwide. With an extended domination for such a long time coupled with deep pockets, who is to say Mercedes haven’t in fact put together the secret sauce to finally untap the potential of the W13. In a city where ‘Marinas’ are being built for the GP; this weekend will we see that fabled no-side pod design become the substance over style the Brackley based team expected. 

Ferrari have been the beau of the ball, joining pace and looks, it is warming to have you back. Red Bull have looked the title force until they are… not the title force. The saying of “To finish first, first you have to finish” could not be truer this season. Marko Helmut’s comments recently may or may not have lacked class depending on your opinion, but Red Bull’s ability to win whether in the Seb era or now the Max are a team with not only class but experience. Can Ferrari remember how to win on a sustained basis? Time will tell. 

As we at Kelly focus increasingly on a greener, renewable, and EV (Electric Vehicle) based future any innovation with a nod to the 2026 regulation changes are welcomed. Battery and synthetic fuel power will take its’ next steps with the doubtless trickle down from F1 technological breakthroughs into the ‘real-world’. Hot news this week takes the form of even more positive noise coming out Wolfsburg. VW continue to not douse flames on the prospect of Audi and Porsche joining the ranks. More competition can only be good news on the powertrain front. We know all about competition here at Kelly as the war for superior quality candidates is as strong as ever. Like many cars on the track, if you want to shave away the paint to achieve better results, contact Kelly to push the envelope of recruitment. For now, we’ll be joining many other F1 fans in sitting back and enjoying, as if there is one thing the US knows what to do come game day it is… showtime!

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