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The glitz and glamour of Monte Carlo: Our forecast of this weekend's famed F1 race

​After an eventful Catalonia race, with many twists and turns, the F1 circus arrives in the glitz and glamour of Monte Carlo. Long-range weather forecasts predict rain, and we could have another shock on the cards. Not famed for the quality of racing, the Monte Carlo circuit could offer some surprises in the rain, as we’ve seen since its introduction in 1929.

All eyes will be on Charles Leclerc as his home crowd wait eagerly for the current championship runner-up to do well. Unfortunately, the Ferrari driver’s premature end to the race in Spain cast a shadow on his race to the title with questions about the durability of the Ferrari’s power unit. That, coupled with the fact that Charles is known for having a curse at his home track, does not bode well for the young Monegasques driver. If you are a Ferrari fan, one can only hope that crashing Niki Lauda’s championship-winning car a couple of weeks ago has used up his bad luck around the Circuit de Monaco. Only time will tell whether he can get the precious points needed to return to the top of the championship table in front of Max Verstappen.

Last weekend, Red Bull battled with intermittent DRS issues on Verstappen’s car. Let’s hope they have got to the bottom of the issue. However, DRS will not be a significant issue this coming weekend at Monte Carlo. The focus will be on low-speed grip and stability as the narrow track is known for its’ overtakes. The slowness of the track, does not mean that the cars will escape a challenge if the barriers don’t get the drivers first.

Mercedes seems to have taken a considerable step forward with the W13, and Russell is looking comfortable behind the wheel of the Silver Arrows giving Hamilton a real taste of his own medicine. In a season when reliability might decide the title, is it too late to write off Mercedes as they seem to have engineered a solution to the porpoising, by analysing the data from the previous races. Here at Kelly, we are always looking at the data to find unique solutions to find passive talent in a market when everyone is hiring, and no one is looking. It does prove the answer usually is in the data.

Hopefully, the drivers don’t get swept away with a strong tailwind this weekend, and we can have an exciting, nail-biting race on our hands. Unfortunately, the verdict is out on whether the teams will be able to keep their cars on track. We at Kelly wait eagerly for the build-up until it’s finally time to say it’s lights out, and away we go.