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Remote interview tips.

Tips to Succeed in your 2022 Remote Interview

It’s no secret that the global pandemic has changed the business landscape forever.

Although unsettling, as time rolls on businesses have learned to adapt and overcome. Office-based jobs are no-longer confined to an office-space, and your closest team member could live on the opposite side of the world. With an increasingly online-focused business landscape – the move to remote interviewing has also taken effect.

Instead of meeting your soon-to-be manager in-person, you might only ever meet them through a webcam. For interviewers and candidates alike, this is a truly time-efficient option. You could be finishing off your breakfast at 9:45 and jumping on an interview call at 10:00, all from the comfort of your own home.

As recruiters, most interviews we have conducted over the past 18 months have been online or by phone. So, we've gathered a list of tips that you can follow during a remote interview to help you secure your dream job.

1.       Don’t wait until last minute to check your tech.

This is a key point. Get online at least 10 minutes before your interview and test your audio, WIFI connection, interview link and video quality.

2.       Clear your background.

Make sure to clear any mess or distractions that may be in the shot of your webcam. If this is out of your control, apply a background or blur effect to your camera.

3.       Dress the part.

First impressions matter. Would you show up to an in-person job interview in your sweats? Likely not, so dress appropriately. My advice would always be to dress for the job you want to get!

4.       Be prepared.

Know the organisation you are interviewing for. Even if you spend 20 minutes researching the organisation, your interest and knowledge will be evident in the answers you provide. Don’t forget to prepare answers to common interview questions too. Why do you want to work for this organisation? Explain an example of when you worked in a team? What qualities can bring to the company? These are just some examples of FAQ's that you can almost always be guaranteed to be asked during your interview. Prepare answers which demonstrate your initiative and abilities.

5.       Keep your CV nearby.

When conducting an interview, your interviewer will likely use your CV as a guide. Often, the key purpose of the interview is to find out more information about the facts stated in your CV. Make yourself familiar with it and have it next to you in case you forget any key points.


Nerves are normal but feeling prepared and ready to take on whatever may come your way is the best way to enter your interview. Use these tips to help you succeed in your 2022 online-interview. Click here to read more of our blogs and click here to search through our live vacancies.