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Have I Been in The Wrong Job All Along?

​The past century has witnessed an array of life-changing developments. From successful cancer treatments to 4K television, we’re exposed to new innovations at an almost daily rate. While exciting, this constant state of flux propels us towards a world of unknown capabilities at Formula one pace, and the wheels seem to keep on spinning.

The human ability to access information has minimized turnaround time from concept to creation. This is proven by the outbreak of a global pandemic and the rapid development of vaccines. As a result, organisational demand can change at the flick of a switch.

Temporary job opportunities have been propelled into the limelight.

The unpredictability of the past 18 months has witnessed a rise in the need for contingent employees. Booming industries such as those involved in health or food supply, suddenly required the support of a growing workforce. The fear of the unknown meant that temporary staffing solutions became the most viable option, and the popularity of this solution has not wavered.

Our recruiters have noticed that simple mention of the word ‘temp’ can force individuals to become withdrawn from the conversation. Instead of recognising the multiple benefits associated with temp work, job seekers tend to be frightened by the prospect of being perceived as unstable or unreliable in the role by the employer.

Between flexible hours and filling resume gaps, to being able to experience a variety of industries, there are many upsides to this alternative. Let’s explain:

1. You will gain experience in something new.

Especially important in one of your first jobs, or if you’re changing industries, gaining experience in a temp role will allow you to enhance industry-specific skills which you will carry with you on your personal resume for life. Besides, hands-on experience can be more beneficial than a qualification!

2. You will experience flexibility.

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of temporary working is the flexibility. Unsure if a certain career path is for you? No problem! Try it out temporarily with *no commitment* added. Even more impressive, you can improve your work-life balance with temporary hours and forget about the notion of taking your work home with you!

3. You will gather skills to take with you.

This is particularly important if you want to progress within the industry you're temping in. Want to break into IT? Get to know how to scale databases. Want to enhance your knowledge of sales or customer service? Try it temporarily! Even better, having a variety of skills under your belt when applying for a permanent role signifies your adaptability and capability – making you an asset to the team.

4. You will build connections!

Temp work allows you to build a repertoire of contacts from a wide selection of organisations. Having contacts from within an organisation may even make it easier for you to get an internal reference or a quick interview.

Becoming a temporary worker with Kelly will provide you with the opportunity to learn new and transferable skills, make friends, form life-changing connections, and experience flexibility in your day-to-day life. What’s not to love?

Here are some common questions we receive from our temp workers at Kelly Services:

1.      Do I contact Kelly, or the organisation in which I am working if I have questions relating to work, pay or AOB? The point of contact you usually speak to at Kelly.

2.      How do I submit my hours worked? All hours should be submitted via ‘InTime’ – The Kelly Services online timesheet management portal for temp workers.

3.      When do I get paid? You will get paid 1 week in arrears every Friday.

4.      Do Kelly offer any learning and development support? Yes.

The perception of temporary employment is changing. As demand for relief from the typical 9-5 grows, so too does the demand for short-term, flexible positions. Staying in the same job for more than 10 years has become outdated as the never-ending search for the ‘perfect' job encapsulates the workforce.

What’s your dream job? Would you prefer the stability of permanency or the flexibility of temporary employment?
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