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Avoiding the Post-Covid Hiring Struggle

There is no ‘new normal’.

As the post-pandemic dust begins to settle, meetings continue to be hosted from bedrooms, children make special appearances at morning meetings and colleagues are situated on the other side of the globe. We’ve been forced to adapt our mindsets and adopt fluidity in the face of a global issue that has changed the business landscape forever.

While we’ve become agile and resilient, the wave of uncertainty induced by the pandemic will have a lasting effect on talent attraction and retention for years to come.

The new 2021 Global Workforce Agility Report developed by KellyOCG, reveals that there will be no ‘new normal’ in the future of work. The workplace will be represented by a continuous state of flux as the increasing demand for agile workplace settings encapsulates the modern workforce. 2021 is moulded by an age of digital transformation. Recruitment must adapt to keep up.

Less than half (42%) of the firms surveyed in the UK say their ability to recruit talent has improved within the last 12 months in comparison to 59% globally. Paired with the fact that 60% of executives think talent is one of the vital elements necessary to achieve a competitive advantage, the race to attract leading talent has accelerated.

Overcoming the talent g___ap.

The employment landscape is shifting. A widespread skills shortage means that employers are under constant pressure to attract leading talent. The Global Workforce Agility Report recognizes a group of business leaders who are taking steps to ensure the future resilience and fluidity of their workforce. The success of these Vanguards is attributed to their ability to adopt a long-term approach to improve the resilience, agility, and wellbeing of their workforce.

Vanguards are recognized as forward-thinkers. The report states that 62% of Vanguards expect to employ contingent workers in the future to bridge the skills gap within organisations while 52% plan to implement training for existing staff to ensure competitive advantage. The ‘optimal mix’ of permanent and contingent employees is recognized as a key component of workforce planning amongst Vanguards.

Finding talent is one thing, keeping talent is another!

Survey results have revealed that while it’s difficult to attract talent, 62% of global executives have been battling with the issue of talent retention too. Having been forced into the home-working model, one in four believe that their leaders lack the skills necessary to manage the workforce they want to create. 27% of organizations surveyed revealed that they are unsure what their employees want within the post-Covid working environment. This leaves organisations vulnerable to increased staff turnover as talent advances to organisations with a more tailored working approach.

Low levels of employee wellbeing may also be contributing to high turnover levels, with the report noting that 38% of employees recognise that employee wellbeing initiatives have deteriorated in the past 12 months.

Vanguards know that creating a positive employee experience is a necessity in achieving greater retention, productivity, and engagement. 91% of Vanguards say that improving the employee experience is as high a priority as achieving great customer experience. Investing in diversity and the creation of an inclusive workforce can also be linked to higher employee motivation and loyalty. These efforts enhance employee experience and grant access to a wider talent pool.

The world is always changing - so is recruitment!

As the world evolves into a digital space, the future of work will depend on the fluidity of employees and enhanced investment in employee experience. The new workforce must consist of both permanent and temporary teams to ensure the constant integration of new skills into the organisation. As the battle for leading talent intensifies, ensuring competitive advantage by improving employee experience will become increasingly necessary as the hybrid working model develops.

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