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Top Tips For Virtual Interviewing

​As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, companies are continuing to hire to prevent business slowdown. More and more businesses are now starting to use virtual interviewing as a short-term replacement to face to face interviews.

While meeting a candidate face to face is the ideal medium, video interviewing can be just as effective when conducted correctly. The move to virtual interviewing is not unprecedented due to the rise in interview technology platforms available to businesses in recent years.

I have outlined below some top tips for virtual interviewing for both the candidate and the interviewer:

 Top tips for Candidates:

  • Prepare: Ensure you prepare for the interview as well as you would if the interview was face to face. Research the company, interview panel and prepare for competency based interview questions etc.
  • Technology Testing: Make sure you have a strong internet connection by testing it and your video conferencing platform (Zoom, Skype etc.) beforehand. Do a mock interview with a friend over Skype if this is your first virtual interview to ensure you are coming across well on camera
  • Environment: Make sure you are in a quiet room with no distractions in the background. Furthermore, ensure mobile phone are powered off and any other possible distractions in reach. You are at home after all!
  • Dress to impress: Wear a professional business attire, the same as a face to face interview.
  • Facial expressions/tone of voice: Watch your facial expression and tone of voice during the interview. Look at the camera and do not come across as distracted or looking around
  • Engagement: Stay engaged with the interview panel from the start even though you may feel distant from the interviewers
  • Have a strong close: Ask relevant questions at the end to show your interest in the company and position and give a short summary your experience and thank the interviewer(s) for their time
  • Follow up: Send a follow up note after the interview, thanking the panel
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Top tips for interviewers:

  • Prepare: Ensure you review the candidates CV and application as normal to give the virtual interview the formality of a face to face interview.
  • Technology: Test all technology and microphones to ensure everyone on the panel can be heard and prevent disruption's which can unsettle a candidate.
  • Backup plan: Ensure you have a backup plan if the platform you plan on using fails or there is audio issues, as can be the case with technology. Ensure you have the candidates' mobile number and email so you can easily make contact.
  • Distractions: Remove all distractions (phones etc.) before commencing the interview.
  • Communicate openly: As the interview is not face to face and you are not able to give the candidate a warm welcome and walk them to the boardroom, it’s important to mention and show that the candidate's time and effort is valued.
  • Time: Allow the candidate time to respond to each question and observe any time lags with technology.