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Why Working Part-Time Is Becoming The New Norm

​Every year more people switch to part-time work. So much so that it’s becoming one of the fastest workforce trends globally. Whether you are a student, a parent who needs to take care of their children, or you simply want to enjoy more free time, in this article we look at advantages of a part-time work.

  1. Time - Time is probably the most significant benefit of working part-time. This may be especially appealing for parents or caregivers who need to take care of their children or other loved ones. Having kids undoubtedly involves higher financial commitments. As a parent you will need to look at how much time away from home and kids you are ready to trade for extra income. However the rise pf the part time worker also affects non-parents. More time also means that you will be able to pursue other activities. You will finally have enough time to learn another language or obtain professional certification that will open the door for more opportunities.

  2. Career progression -  Part time work can be a springboard to full time career. Especially when you don’t have experience or if you need additional certification in order to rise up the career ladder.

  3. Better work-life balance  -  It will not come as a surprise that employee burn out is on the rise. Employees often don’t have time to pursue their passions. Individuals with good work life balance can also avoid professional burnout, which often occurs as a result of overworking. Companies are now recognising this more than ever and are offering employees more flexibility. 

  4. It doesn’t necessarily mean you will be poorer - Part time workers often reflect on their lifestyle and adjust it to their income. This often results in reduced financial stress as one doesn’t need to worry about maintaining an expensive life style. Part timers can also learn how to handle their finances more carefully.

When deciding whether you should be working full or part-time, there are four primary things you need to take into consideration: your personal choices, your financial priorities, skills you currently possess and required skill set. The best thing to do is to test different working patterns and see which one works best for you.

Part-time employment can be a great way to design the best life to suit you. As everything in life, working part time has pros and cons and you need to find the best solution for you. If you want to try to work smarter not harder, check our current part time jobs.