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A Graduate's Story

​Kirby is a recent graduate from University College Cork where he studied ecology.

‘I first started to work with Kelly Services in June when I approached them to work as a product builder with Cork based company. A friend of mine had worked with Kelly and recommended the role to me. I had spent the last seven years working in retail so becoming a product builder was a brand-new role, but I felt it would be a great fit for me and my life right now. I have to be honest the training and induction were great as I feel I was given the time and to learn the skills needed for the role.

I worked with two consultants in Kelly, Kayleigh and Lynette and both were great. They were on the ball and really communicative. If I had a question they followed up by the next day at the latest. I had consistent phone calls explaining the role, its duties and what it entailed. This meant that my expectations were always fully managed which was beneficial when I was going for what was essentially an unfamiliar role.

I had never really worked with recruitment agencies during my retail career. The few that I had dealt with were because I had perhaps applied for a job online, but more often than not I never heard back from them which was frustrating. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised that Kelly was true to their word, never pushed me off and always followed up.

I had never heard of Kelly Services before but the level of service from their business has been exceptional and they have been really attentive throughout my time with them. They have really great people and they’re not bothered by a huge number of questions.

One other thing to mention was that when I first approached Kelly I was still working in retail and they were really good about trying to accommodate meetings around my shifts. The team had an understanding that my life didn’t stop just because I was looking for a new job and I really appreciated this real-life approach.’