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Find Your Career Happy

​Work is where we spend a considerable part of our life. According to data, an average person spends as much as 1/3 of their life at work, which equates to 90 000 hours over a lifetime (Arnett, 2018). If we are to spend so much time at work and still take pleasure in our life, it is essential that we feel positive about our job. Every role brings challenges at times, which is especially motivating if you are an ambitious person who sets the bar high and is constantly on the lookout for career progression. To make this happen, you will need to learn how to stay positive at work. Here are our tips.


Sometimes boredom may lead to you becoming unproductive. Have a chat with your boss and ask for a new challenge or a more demanding task. By mastering new skills, you open yourself up to new career paths and opportunities. Take charge of your own development and aim to have an enjoyable job that you are good at. Read this blog to learn more about how to stay challenged at work.


An inherent part of human nature is to build and cultivate relationships. Take your time and learn more about your colleagues beyond their job roles. However, a people person doesn’t only know his/her colleagues and gets along with them. A people person knows how to approach difficult situations and people. Trying to change them may leave you helpless, therefore you will be better off changing the way you react to them. 


When we feel tired we make more mistakes and the quality of our work is lower. It’s because weariness leads to less efficiency and decreases our focus. Include regular breaks into your schedule to take the strain off your eyes and rest your mind. You will notice an instant rise in your productivity. It has been proven that as little as 17 minutes break every 90 minutes maximises productivity. So, before moving on to the next task, don’t forget to take a minute and breath. 

If you are to spend a significant part of your life at work, ensure that your role brings you some level of joy. Having said that, a lot depends on your approach. Keep these tips in mind and remember that if you can’t find even a dash of happiness in your current role, there are other jobs waiting for you! Kelly is always happy to help you find your dream job!


How do you stay happy when you head to work? #CareerTips



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