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3 Ways To Get Your Boss To Say Yes To A Payrise

Climbing the career ladder isn't an easy task. Getting the salary you deserve, for the work you do often involves asking difficult questions. Speaking up and asking for more money at work can make us a bit squeamish at times. We have 3 top tips that will help you get through it successfully.

Here are Kelly’s three key recommendations to help you negotiate your next pay rise:

1. Firstly, you should know what you are asking for. Always have a clear idea of what you want and try to avoid asking for ‘some’ more money or perks. Employers are facing a shortage of suitable candidates to fill job roles, especially ones that require hard-to-find skillsets. That’s why you need to know the value of your skills and what they are worth on the market. 

2. Showcase your accomplishments. Your boss needs to know why you deserve a pay rise, therefore you need to put together all your achievements, especially the ones beyond your usual responsibilities. Use these to develop a compelling argument to support your request.

3. Finally, always be respectful. It is just another business meeting that will require some negotiation and keeping your emotions under control is likely to be most effective in achieving what you want.

Asking for a pay rise can be scary even if you prepare for it well ahead. Keep our tips in mind, and above all, make sure you know what you're worth to the employer. If your boss says no, Kelly is always here to support you in your job search!

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