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Passive Talent Attraction Case Study

One of our international customers were opening a new laboratory in Europe and had a limited local HR capacity. All hires needed to start within a 4 week window and they were looking for a mix of candidates with technical, managerial and admin skills.

To support them we acted as an extension of their HR team and provided passive candidate attraction. We took a deep dive into the market to find out where their candidates were hanging out online, which communities they were part of and what benefits would best attract them. Once we knew that, we reached out to them through social media with targeted messages.

We recruited chemistry team managers, analytical chemists, process chemists, senior scale-up engineers, senior analytical chemists, senior process chemists and office and HR support officers.

Our passive talent attraction led to 20 hires that coincided with the lab opening, 100% fill rate through passive search and advert response management and an efficient support set-up for all administrative tasks.


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